Word of the Week Wednesday 7/22/15

Hello and Hola,

Let me tell you readers, this week’s word is one that has been on my mind quite a bit. Although it is in English, it is definitely not one that we use on an everyday basis. So, this week’s word is:

Egregious (adj.)

This word was picked because of the multiple definitions it holds. Here they are:

1. Outstandingly bad, Shocking.

2. Remarkably good.

In this past week, I have had multiple experiences that have been quite shocking, or outstandingly bad, but without them, I would miss the remarkably good things as well.

Last week, I was feeling dizzy and faint all day on Friday, enough so that I could not make it to work that night. However, because I was in my apartment that night rather than at work, I was able to be a stable presence for a friend who had to go to the emergency room.

Early this week, I broke one of my back teeth, forcing me to go to the dentist. Although I received some pretty bad news about my teeth and the reality that I will soon need multiple root canals, I am happy to have found this now. Had I not broken my teeth, I would have no idea of the horrible state my teeth were in, and who knows how much longer they would have been decaying.

Though these were two very bad times this past week, I have had some remarkably good things happen to me as well! I got to go to a Rockies game for free, I went to the Denver Dragon Boat Festival, and I found out  that I will be working with Andy Grammer at my college this fall. These remarkably good things are easy to lose sight of when the bad things show up. However, I would like to think that life, in itself, is egregious.

Yes, life can be outstandingly bad, it can be shocking, but most of the time it can be remarkably good. And those times that are egregiously bad, well, just remember that they can be egregiously good as well.

Keep Shining,



Word of the Week Wednesday 7/15/15

Hello fellow language lovers!

This week’s word of the week comes from the lovely language of Biblical Greek.

εὐαγγέλιον. (n) This word means “good news” or “Gospel.” If you want to try and pronounce it, it sounds something like you-ang-gel-ee-on. The double gamma (γγ) in the middle of the word changes the sound of that letter. Normally, gamma sounds like the English letter G. However, when there are two gammas put together, it makes more of a nasal sound, think of the start of the word angle.

Now, this word was part of the High School Bible Study I am working with at my internship a few weeks ago. We were discussing when Jesus sent out the twelve to spread the Gospel, or the good news in Mark 6! There are a few reasons that I think this word is very cool and so relevant to my faith today. The root of this word is where we get the word for angel, as well as evangelism. Since there is a connection with these, let’s talk about how the words are related.

1) Angels are used throughout the Bible when bringing good news. The Greek word for angel can also mean messenger. So, when people spread the good news in society today, they are like the messengers and angels of biblical times. They are spreading the good news like the angel to Mary or the women in the tomb. Angels are full of light that matches the message they bring. Much like this blog is called “luminous language,” the messages we are spreading about faith in our world should illuminate the Gospel. Shining light into the darkness of the world should be what we do when sharing the Gospel.

2) Evangelism is a big concept within our Christian culture and what it means to “evangelize.” From my studies, I have come to understand evangelism as the act of sharing the good news. Not condemning those who are not sharing the Gospel, but instead spreading the JOY that comes from the Gospel. This is not only good news, it is GREAT news! The news of how God was, is, and will be working in our lives. Evangelism is about living a life that lets me share the triumphs and the hardships that come with my faith. Both death and resurrection are a part of the Christian journey, we are meant to be with our brothers and sisters through both, and remember that the good news is the common thread between it all. The good news is the light, and we’re the tower to bring ships in from the chaotic darkness.

And that is our word of the week! May this post give you some good news as you go into the second half of the week.

Keep shining,


Word of the Week Wednesday 7/8/15

Hello readers!

The realities of life always seem to catch up with you when you least expect them! Although I have been in Denver for over a month now, it is crazy to think I only have one month left! And with the end of this trip comes the future of my life that is eagerly awaiting a plan. This being the case, I chose a word in my native English that encompasses the epitome of my life right now.


1. (n.) the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.

2. (adj.) at a later time; going or likely to happen or exist.

The future is one thing that although it is a constant part of life, we take for granted the ability to plan for it. The future is always looming in the depths of our thoughts and yet when we get there, it is never what we think it will be. Since this is true, I find that focusing on the future when it is necessary will happen, but dwelling in a time that is yet to happen is frivolous.

So, my challenge to you, my lovey readers, is to remember the future, to plan when you can, but to remember that future means only something “likely to happen.” Don’t worry about the “likely” things, enjoy the real things.

Keep Shining,