Word of the Week Wednesday 7/15/15

Hello fellow language lovers!

This week’s word of the week comes from the lovely language of Biblical Greek.

εὐαγγέλιον. (n) This word means “good news” or “Gospel.” If you want to try and pronounce it, it sounds something like you-ang-gel-ee-on. The double gamma (γγ) in the middle of the word changes the sound of that letter. Normally, gamma sounds like the English letter G. However, when there are two gammas put together, it makes more of a nasal sound, think of the start of the word angle.

Now, this word was part of the High School Bible Study I am working with at my internship a few weeks ago. We were discussing when Jesus sent out the twelve to spread the Gospel, or the good news in Mark 6! There are a few reasons that I think this word is very cool and so relevant to my faith today. The root of this word is where we get the word for angel, as well as evangelism. Since there is a connection with these, let’s talk about how the words are related.

1) Angels are used throughout the Bible when bringing good news. The Greek word for angel can also mean messenger. So, when people spread the good news in society today, they are like the messengers and angels of biblical times. They are spreading the good news like the angel to Mary or the women in the tomb. Angels are full of light that matches the message they bring. Much like this blog is called “luminous language,” the messages we are spreading about faith in our world should illuminate the Gospel. Shining light into the darkness of the world should be what we do when sharing the Gospel.

2) Evangelism is a big concept within our Christian culture and what it means to “evangelize.” From my studies, I have come to understand evangelism as the act of sharing the good news. Not condemning those who are not sharing the Gospel, but instead spreading the JOY that comes from the Gospel. This is not only good news, it is GREAT news! The news of how God was, is, and will be working in our lives. Evangelism is about living a life that lets me share the triumphs and the hardships that come with my faith. Both death and resurrection are a part of the Christian journey, we are meant to be with our brothers and sisters through both, and remember that the good news is the common thread between it all. The good news is the light, and we’re the tower to bring ships in from the chaotic darkness.

And that is our word of the week! May this post give you some good news as you go into the second half of the week.

Keep shining,



9 thoughts on “Word of the Week Wednesday 7/15/15

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    • Thank you for your interest in my blog. I have a few questions about this site.
      1. Do you have a mission statement?
      2. Is there a specific theology that you promote with your blog or are all welcome to contribute?
      3. What would I be committing to if I join your community?

      Don’t take it personally that I did not publish your comment, I figured since this was more of a private question you would prefer it that way, if not, let me know and I will be happy to publish it! Can’t wait to hear your response.


  2. Interestingly, in Greek names, the εὐ together make an “ev” sound. So if you look at it that way, you-ang-gel-ee-on becomes ev-ang-gel-ee-on, like evangelize. That’s kind of cool.


      • Thank you for your sharing! I always appreciate learning more about pronunciation! I did not know that the epsilon, upsilon combination makes and “ev” sound! As for the other part, I think it is just the way it is phonetically written. By “gel” I did not mean like the kind you put in your hair, I meant the “geh” sound and just included the l from the “lee” part in that section instead! I now see that is probably confusing phonetically, so that’s a note I’ll make next time I write a pronunciation. Thank you again for your comments! 🙂

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      • Oh, it’s probably just me!! 🙂 I’m slowly trying learn Greek, both modern & Koine, but I can barely read anything outside of Liturgical stuff. I just remembered the epsilon upsilon thing because a ton of Greek saint’s names begin with that combination.
        Anyway, I’m looking forward to learning more words here, whatever the language! Thank you!!

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  3. Bonnie Rosa-Mosena says:

    Wow. Love your word of the week and how you explained it. I’ve been at VBS all week “evangelizing” to nineteen third graders, including your brother Cole. My junior shepherds are the ones doing all the work with the kids and all the “G” kids are wonderful. We’ve been singing, dancing, and praising the Lord every morning. I need to remember to continue to spread the good word next week when VBS is over.


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