Word of the Week Wednesday 5/31/17

Namaste readers!
Today marks another month ending on my YAGM journey! So, in light of that bittersweet train of thinking, our word of the week is:


Language: Khmer

Part of speech: Noun

Pronunciation: Git-tee-ah

Translation: thought

Thoughts seem to be something that permeate my mind recently, as they should. These next few weeks will especially be filled with thoughts of the future, or past that want to creep into my present, and dwindling days here in Cambodia.Well, here I am to stop them head on. (See what I did there?) I acknowledge they are there, but this next month and a half is not about all of those thoughts, it is about the people and places that have accompanied me this past year as I do the same with them. So, that thought can wait, for now my brain is busy in the moment.

Keep Shining,



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