Word of the Week Wednesday 12/28/16

Choom Reeup Sua,

Another week has passed and many more words have been used. This week I picked a new Khmer word for me, that ties two words I already know together. As the end of 2016 comes to a close, I always think some reflection on what we know can help us see something new!


Language: Khmer

Part of Speech: Adjective

Pronunciation: Choo-aim

Definition: Sweet and Sour (can insert meat of choice here, my favorite is chicken)

All the LCC pastors were in town this week, so we went to lunch and I took the opportunity to learn some new food names. One I really liked, and asked how to order in the future was Chah Choo-aim Sak Moh-ahn. Which means Fried Sweet and Sour Chicken. This may not seem SUPER exciting to you, but wait, there is more! The word for sweet and sour is a combination of the words for sour (Choo) and sweet (P’aim.) Yes, English obviously does this in its own way, but making connections in a new language is more fun! I hope your New Year’s Eve and first days of 2017 are more sweet than sour, and filled with wondrous words!

Keep Shining,




Word of the Week Wednesday 12/21/16

Merry Christmas to you, dear readers!

And if you do not celebrate Christmas, I wish you a lovely holiday season with whatever traditions that brings to you! Our word of the week is short and simple, but a catching one if you ask me!


Language: English

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: ˈgli-tər

Definition: tiny pieces of sparkling material used for decoration.

This past week has been full of decorating and celebrating both Christmas, and my birthday! Needless to say that glitter was a large part of both of those occasions. The truly astounding thing about glitter is the uncanny ability to continue showing up. I woke up with glitter on my face. Whether this speck is from the hostel decorations, handmade CamFam stockings, or Savannah placing it on my face, I am not quite sure. Either way, all of those situations ended this past Sunday…so who knows how long this glitter will stick around!

Keep Shining,


Word of the Week Wednesday 12/14/16

Hey there!

This week is short and sweet, but also kinda fun!


Language: Khmer

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: Dtohm-rai

Definition: Elephant

Why is this the word of the week? Because I learned the word for elephant today in my Khmer class with a friend and thought it was great! Not only did I learn this word, I also learned it by reading the sentence: “I ride an elephant at Angkor Wat.” So, you could say it has been a pretty successful day!

Keep Shining,


Word of the Week Wednesday 12/8/16



What a world full of paradoxes we live in, and I think I found one this past week. Which makes our word of the week in my first and only fluent language, English:


Language: English

Part of Speech: Adjective, noun, and adverb (But we are focusing on the noun today!)

Pronunciation: kōld


  1. a low temperature; cold weather; a cold environment.
    “my teeth chattered with the cold
  2. a common infection in which the mucous membrane of the nose and throat becomes inflamed, typically causing running at the nose, sneezing, and a sore throat.

So, I am living in Cambodia right now and “cold” is not a word most would associate with here. In fact, many of my co-workers and friends are telling me how cold it is right now (which is true for the country) and then I show them the temperatures from my hometown in Iowa. One of their responses was asking me how we can possibly live there if it’s that cold. I explained gloves, hats, scarfs, and sweaters. Since this is the environment of my life right now, and I am not living in “the cold,” we will now move to the second definition, which I am more focused on.

Now, I am not the type of person who gets colds. In fact, I almost never get colds. My normal states are either healthy, or dying sick where you cannot do anything. You could say live a life of extremes, never living a lukewarm life. No matter how true this fact may be, it does not excuse the reality that this past week I had a cold, in Cambodia. To be fair, I live in a hostel with 60 college students, and a family including three little kids. The likelihood of anyone in that situation having a cold is high, and once one person has it, the infection only spreads. To be honest, I can’t complain too much about a sore throat, and stuffy nose. It did not overwhelmingly interfere with my life, other than a hard English class where we worked on pronunciation and even I couldn’t say the words normally. This cold, though paradoxical, was only another one of my many lessons here. And I am grateful for that.

Keep Shining,