Word of the Week Wednesday 11/30/16

Wassup word lovers?

This week I was cooking in the hostel kitchen when an old friend came to visit. She asked in English if I was cooking, so I wanted to show her some of the little Khmer I had learned in her absence. My response was: “Jah, Keenohm slaw” Yes, I cook. She looked at me and corrected my silly mistake. “No, Ashley, you only use slaw for soup, there is a different way to say you cook other things. You are frying, that is different.” Feeling quite silly for not knowing that after two weeks of using the word, I had to know how to say it correctly. So, let’s find out, shall we?

Language: Khmer

Part of Speech: Verb

Pronunciation: Twuhr Mah Hohp

Definition: to cook food (not soup)

This word literally takes the word “to do/make” and the word “food” and squishes them together for the fixed phrase “to cook,” AKA: “to make food.” What an informational lesson for me this week as I continue to love and learn this language.

Well, here’s to Mah Hohp-ing you have a good week!

Keep Shining,


P.s. the Google translate version spells this word wrong, according to my lovely friends here! This is the correct way! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Word of the Week Wednesday 11/30/16

    • Yes! There are different types of soup, so they use a special word to be clear. There are special words for food you are eating, food with rice and food without rice (although most is with rice). There are two different words for food, but that seems to be regional so far and not food specific. As for eating, when you ask if someone wants do eat or if they have eaten you ask if they “eat rice.” I have a post about rice words in general that I hope to post soon!

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