Word of the Week Wednesday 2/25/15

The word this week is…..

About this time of year, it is a common word around campus. And without much explanation, this is a popular topic! I will be spending this break on a road trip to visit 5 seminaries. Others are going on service trips or just heading home for some well needed rest, either way, this is a word with mentioning this week!

Keep Shining,


Word of the Week Wednesday 2/18/15

Welcome to a segment that I will have every week along with my other post, Word of the Week Wednesday! This segment will come out every week some time on Wednesday with a fun word (in any language) and a story to go with it!

This week’s word is: πάντα!

Now, for those of you who do not know Biblical Greek, those are Greek letters. Pronouncing with letters we know it sounds something like: P-ah-n-tah. Or Panta. This word is one of the many forms of the word “all” in Greek and has a few stories and a challenge with it for this week.

Story 1: I first discovered this word last fall when doing a Greek assignment. With my roommate Jenny sitting next to me, I said “Panta means all!” She looked at me quizzically. Our other roommate then texted that she would be bringing us ice cream. Jenny and I, ecstatic for the chance of a sugary, cold treat, yelled “PANTA THE ICE CREAM,” upon her arrival. That was met with a confused stare and a question, “did you just call me a ‘fount of’ the ice cream?” Needless to say, we had a good laugh about it.

Story 2: While deciding on my word of the week tonight, this story was told. Which was then followed by a round of re-writing “Come Thou Fount” into “Fount of Ice Cream” So, enjoy those lyrics below:

Come thou fount of every ice cream                                                                                 Chocolate and the strawberry                                                                                              Topped with sprinkles, and a cherry,                                                                              Don’t forget the whipping cream                                                                                      Bring a spoon and chocolate syrup                                                                                      to put into my tummy                                                                                                        Panta ice cream, so delicious                                                                                               Praise to God, I’m so happy.

Hopefully those two stories gave you a good laugh, but the best thing about this word is that it embodies the church season we are entering. Today being Ash Wednesday, it is the start of Lent, a time to sit and reflect. A time of silence and remembrance but also a time for community. No matter if you are giving something up or not, it is a time to encourage one another in our journeys. In Panta the places, with Panta the people, Panta the time.

Keep Shining,


Hola and Hello

Hello wonderful world,

My name is Ashley Rosa and I am in love with language. I love it for the way it is spoken, how it connects to culture and what it means for communication. In fact, this love is deep enough that I long to tell the world of my experiences. So, here I am.

A little background for my language ability:

English: Since I live in the United States, I have spoken it all of my life. Reading and writing in English as my first language was the catalyst that spurred me into action for learning more.

Spanish: My Spanish began at the age of 5 when I entered Kindergarten at my elementary school. Although my elementary years were spent learning merely colors or numbers, this early start was crucial to where I am now in my speaking ability. I have been blessed to have a wonderful family friend, Rebecca, who helped me in my elementary years, a grandmother who has lived in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, a school system that allowed me to take Spanish classes through my senior year of high school, and a college that values study abroad opportunities that I have taken advantage of.

Biblical Greek: Just this school year I have started to learn Biblical Greek in order to further my understanding of translation and be able to read the beauty of scripture in its original context.

Sign Language: Though I knew a fair amount as a young child with a club at school and a wonderful friend John who is deaf and taught me back then, I lost much of that with the passing of time. Now, I try to pick up more and more as I go, with influences and people that help me to practice and learn more.

Overall, this blog will focus on the ways that language amazes me during the week. I will surely post at least once a week, but perhaps the mood will strike me to do so more. There will also be a word of the week, which can come from any language and will be accompanied by a reason behind the word. I look forward to where this new adventure will take me and the things I can share with the world.

Keep Shining,