Word of the Week Wednesday 11/23/16

Buenos días amigos,

This week I am writing from the beautiful city of Siem Reap as I attend our first YAGM retreat as a group. We are visitng Angkor Wat, as well as the many surrounding temples, and discussing topics like development, and Angkorean history. Our word of the week was spurred by two encounters during our exploration today of Tah Prohm temple. Let’s take a look at the word first and then I can explain:


Languge: Spanish

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: Mar-ee-poh-sah

Definition: Butterfly

The first story explains the language, and the second explains the word choice!
1) After taking a picture for a couple at the temple, I realized they had been speaking Spanish, so I worked up the courage to talk to them a little. I have been missing my lack of Spanish here, so it was nice to use it a little. Not only that, but I received a wonderful compliment, and it was one of my highlights of the day. Here is a translation of our short interation:
“Where are you from?”
“Spain! And you?”
“The United States”
“Oh, your accent is very good.”
“Really? Thank you!”
“Yeah, we thought you were from Argentina before you said that.”
“Oh, wow! Thank you so much!”
“Of course.”
“I will see you around.”
“Okay, bye.”
And so we went in different directions to begin exploring more of the temple. I was very proud to have received this compliment, and though that it had to be a part of my sharing today!

2) The word “mariposa” specifically was chosen for the number of butterflies I saw throughout the ruins today. Plus, my friend Amanda and I ended up taking a selfie with one that kept landing on us, so that was a special accomplishment!

Keep Shining,


Word of the Week Wednesday 6/17/15

Hello word nerds and linguists alike!

This week is the first of getting back into the swing of normal blogging and I’m more excited each day to see what I learn about language this summer! So, without any delay, this week’s word of the week is: misericordia!

Misericordia is a Spanish word meaning mercy or compassion. If you want to pronounce it, it sounds like miss-err-ee-cord-ee-ah. One definition in Spanish is “Inclinación a sentir compasión por los que sufren y ofrecerles ayuda.” Translated this means “the inclination to feel compassion for those who suffer and offer them help.”

Misericordia is not only a beautiful word, but also a powerful one. This word has so much more depth than what one word in English can explain. The word itself means mercy, but in a religious setting, Jesus’ mercy is beyond explanation or understanding.

This is the word of the week because of the church I am interning at. Right now, the name of the church is Iglesia Cristo Rey, however soon they will be in the process of changing the name to El Señor de Misericordia. Translated this is The Lord of Mercy. As I continue my journey this summer, it is the mercy, compassion and unexplainable sense of worth the lord provides for me each day that keeps me going. I urge you to find the misericordia in your life and bask in the wonder of it!

Keep Shining,