Word of the Week Wednesday 5/3/17

Sou S’dai,

This week I have been inspried by the book I am currently reading. It talks about how English formed from many other languages or a very long time. Click here if that sounds interesting to you! Not only is this book fascinating, it gave me a really cool word of the week in my native language.


Language: English
Part of speech: Noun, verb, participial adjective
Pronunciation: sɛt
Definition: Just click here.

So, what makes this word so amazing? Well, if you took the time to click the link for the definition, you would find out that there are HUNDREDS of ways to define it. In fact, the Oxford English Dictionary lists 58 noun uses, 126 verb uses, and 10 participial adjective uses. When all is said and done, approximately 60,000 words are used to define this ONE! If I did not think about it before, this book is definitely showing the parts of English that never occur to me as a native speaker. There are many more than I expected. Either way, this is a fun word, and now you can impress your friends with a fun fact at you rnext dinner party (or book club.)

Keep Shining,



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