Word of the Week Wednesday 4/26/17


This week I have a very important word that I should have learned months ago, but have learned it this week!


Languge: Khmer
Part of speech: Noun
Pronunciation: Chom Nai
Translation: Snack

Now, let me tell you that in the US, I am a snacker. Since coming to Cambodia, I have found that there seem to be two cultures embraced on this front. First, whenever I visit friend’s houses out in the provinces and in villages, snacking is definitely a thing. There is always some snack or dessert or fruit around to munch on. This usually means I can eat more because it is over a whole day and not only three meals. The second snack culture is what I have found in the city. Snacking is not as much of a thing here. Sure, we have fruit every once in a while, but it seems that just having a little snack is not as much of a habit as in the village. Part of me wonders if the busier lifestyle of the city ignore some of the possibilities like snacking. Another factor could be that I live with hostel students and it is rare to have I am eating a snack allows me to explain why it may seem like I don’t eat a lot at one time. I am better with smaller snacks all day. Still, no matter how many snacks I may want to eat, nothing can replace sharing dinner with my friends at the hostel around a big pot of rice.

Keep Shining,


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