Word of the Week Wednesday 4/19/17

Last week there was a hiatus for Khmer New Year, but we’re back with more word wonders this week! This week’s words is…


Language: Khmer 

Part of speech: Noun

Pronunciation: Bayd

Translation: Biological sex
So, I returned to my sitelpes this week after a week at a friend’s house in Kampong Chhnang and got right back to events. I was invited to help with a training for the LWD Learning Center because it is in Phnom Penh. The training is for the staff at an NGO about 5 blocks from the LWD office and it covers Gender Mainstreaming in the Workplace. Now, this training is in Khmer so I honestly cannot understand most of it, but while talking with the trainer over lunch and snack breaks, she helps me get the gist. 

One of the first sessions was about the difference between the words sex and gender. When she told me that I asked for them in Khmer so I could listen during the session for those words. She told me the word for sex, which is our word of the week, and then said they do not have a word for gender so they use the English. This is something I have become accustomed to with Khmer. Sometimes there are just not words in the language so they say it in English. Either way, it is so interesting to hear a training on this topic with many words that just do not translate into Khmer. I look forward to learning more!
Keep Shining,



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