Word of the Week Wednesday 3/8/17


Though a bit behind the mark due to technical difficulties, Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrate your mom, aunt, grandma, sister, cousin, niece, wife, and friend while reminding them that they are valued and important every day! Our word of the week goes out to all the women in this world, and those celebrating with them! 


Language: Khmer

Part of speech: Noun

Pronunciation: S’drey, but often pronounced Srey

Definition: Woman or women

I don’t think an explanation is really needed here, but one note. Khmer does not have a way to differentiate plural from singular in many cases. That means that saying a sentence in Khmer such as “the women have power” also means “the woman has power.” (They don’t conjugate verbs either.) This is a reminder that together we are strong, and find out identify as women. But we are also individuals in that group. We are part of the whole, and a whole part of one thing. Just some thoughts on a day like today! 

Keep Shining,



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