Word of the Week Wednesday 3/1/17


Today’s word is serious, and fun at the same time! What a great combination!


Language: Khmer

Part of speech: Noun

Pronunciation: Pehj

Definition: Ash

So, first the serious reason for this word, today is Ash Wednesday! How fitting that we begin this Lenten season with a word so key to today. From dust we came, and to dust we shall return.

Now, the silly reason comes from last week while I was away on LCC retreat. One of the pastors comes up to me and says that Pehj is my new Khmer nickname. I ask him why and he says “Because, you are Ashley, it means ash and there is no word for ley.” I couldn’t really argue with that! Growing up I have never liked being called Ash, but in this case I think I can make an exception!

Keep Shining,



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