Word of the Week Wednesday 1/18/17

Weeks seem to be flying by as I am here, although I know there are still about six months left before I leave, I am amazed by how fast that time truly will go. This week’s word of the week is actually not in any of the languages I know/study, which is pretty exciting!

Language: Chinese

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: Lóng

Definition: Dragon
Now, during my time in Cambodia, I have heard a bit more about Chinese from two people who work with City Church. One is from Singapore, and the other is from Honk Kong. They have taught me some, but that is not where this word comes from. Just this week I started to read the book “First They Killed My Father.” The book is a true story written by a women who was a child during the Khmer Rough regime in Cambodia. The book is about her family, and what Cambodia was like in this time. After starting the book, I found that the author’s family has both a Cambodian and a Chinese heritage. Her name, spelled Loung in English characters, actually means dragon in Chinese. I chose this word because I thought mixing it up with a new language would be fun, but also because this book talks about an important part of Cambodian history that has echoes even today. Neither my heart, nor soul, nor mind can comprehend the lives Cambodians lived during these years, but I want to learn more about the context where I am living. I want to learn more about my Khmer brothers and sisters. And so today I dedicate my word to them, and to learning history, even when it is hard.
Keep Shining,



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