Word of the Week Wednesday 12/28/16

Choom Reeup Sua,

Another week has passed and many more words have been used. This week I picked a new Khmer word for me, that ties two words I already know together. As the end of 2016 comes to a close, I always think some reflection on what we know can help us see something new!


Language: Khmer

Part of Speech: Adjective

Pronunciation: Choo-aim

Definition: Sweet and Sour (can insert meat of choice here, my favorite is chicken)

All the LCC pastors were in town this week, so we went to lunch and I took the opportunity to learn some new food names. One I really liked, and asked how to order in the future was Chah Choo-aim Sak Moh-ahn. Which means Fried Sweet and Sour Chicken. This may not seem SUPER exciting to you, but wait, there is more! The word for sweet and sour is a combination of the words for sour (Choo) and sweet (P’aim.) Yes, English obviously does this in its own way, but making connections in a new language is more fun! I hope your New Year’s Eve and first days of 2017 are more sweet than sour, and filled with wondrous words!

Keep Shining,




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