Word of the Week Wednesday 12/21/16

Merry Christmas to you, dear readers!

And if you do not celebrate Christmas, I wish you a lovely holiday season with whatever traditions that brings to you! Our word of the week is short and simple, but a catching one if you ask me!


Language: English

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: ˈgli-tər

Definition: tiny pieces of sparkling material used for decoration.

This past week has been full of decorating and celebrating both Christmas, and my birthday! Needless to say that glitter was a large part of both of those occasions. The truly astounding thing about glitter is the uncanny ability to continue showing up. I woke up with glitter on my face. Whether this speck is from the hostel decorations, handmade CamFam stockings, or Savannah placing it on my face, I am not quite sure. Either way, all of those situations ended this past Sunday…so who knows how long this glitter will stick around!

Keep Shining,



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