Word of the Week Wednesday 10/19/16


Or, as we might say in English, peace be with you! I am back in the glorious city of Phnom Penh this week, and I get to stay for more than a few days! In honor of my return to my hostel home, and the opportunity to bask in the wonders of Cambodia’s capital, our word of the week is in Khmer.


Language: Khmer

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: pray-ah-vee-ñee-ahn

Definition: Spirit

This week I have started a new method of learning Khmer vocabulary. Every lunch, and every dinner, I learn at least one new word. Then I write it down, and review it for the next few days until it is in my memory. I made this decision over the weekend when I realized that one of the main challenges in speaking, reading, or writing in a new language is vocabulary. Grammar, syntax, voice, and all the other fancy English terms we are taught mean absolutely nothing if there are not words to create the sentence in the first place. In order to fully embrace new vocabulary, I now have friends to help, and keep me accountable.

Our specific word of the week was chosen because it was my new word from dinner last night. On Tuesday nights, hostel students gather to watch videos about faith, and yesterday our theme was the Holy Spirit. Luckily, I watch the videos in English during the day, and then attend the night session and try to understand as much as I can in Khmer. This week, I understood a fair amount of the words purely because I knew this one. Though these steps may be small, every one continues to move me down the road!

Keep Shining,




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