Word of the Week Wednesday 10/5/16

Well, after a week away, I am back on schedule with this week and we have a word! Actually, the word this week connects with the lack of word last week! Isn’t that fun? So, this week’s word is:


Language: Khmer

Part of speech: Noun

Pronunciation: Poom

Definition: Village
This word relates to last week in a few ways! First of all, I was invited to a friend’s home last week for Pchum Ben, the first of my Cambodian holidays. So, after returning from Siem Reap on Monday, I left for Kampong Chnnang on Tuesday. When I arrived, I was elated by the hospitality of everyone I met at her house and in her village. They would smile, offer me food, and want to know who I was, or where I was from. Not only does this word connect because I was staying in a village, but it also connects because it is a Khmer word. Last week my Khmer improved daily in noticeable amounts. I am still very, very far from having any type of real conversation, but after a week of listening and trying to communicate with a community that speaks no English, I am a bit more comfortable than I was.

In the end, I may have missed posting a word last week because of no internet access, but I gained so many words by living in the moment I was in, I am sure you can forgive me!

Keep Shining,



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