Word of the Week Wednesday 9/21/16

Well hi there!

This week I have gone back to my native tongue to choose the word of the week! So, here it is:


Language: English

Part of speech: verb

Pronunciation: əˈdapt

Definition (2nd of 3): become adjusted to new conditions.

Now, this word has come to describe much of my time this last week in Cambodia. As I learn more about my community, the culture, and the language, it is more and more important that I can adjust to the new, and take it for the journey that it is. Adapting is what makes life interesting, and I write this from my phone as I am in Siem Reap this week for a workshop rather than in Phnom Penh. Sometimes we plan adaptation, sometimes it happens naturally. Either way, I think it is always important to reflect on the adapting and what it means for you!

Keep Shining,



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