Word of the Week Wednesday 9/14/16

Hello word nerds,

This week we have another Khmer word, even though I still do not actually know the alphabet! So, our word this week is:


Languge: Khmer.

Part of Speech: Verb.

Pronunciation: ree-ehn. 

Definition: To learn.

Now, you may be saying, Ashley, if you don’t know the alphabet, how can you know that is what it says? Well, luckily I have an awesome community around me and they are willing to help me learn Khmer and give me hints along the way. I just arrived at my site placement on Monday and I already feel like I am learning more and more. That learning is what spurred ree-ehn to be my word of the week. This next year is going to be full of learning, so I am happy to have willing brothers and sisters to help me as I go!

Keep Shining,



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