Word of the Week Wednesday 9/7/16


In case you were wondering, that was me saying “hi” in Khmer! Now, I may not be able to ready anything else at the moment, but I just read that word. This also means that I read my first word in Khmer today! What a perfect way to celebrate my return to Word of the Week Wednesdays and this blog. I am so excited for my journey in Cambodia this next year and for all the ways I will learn about myself, the people, and the language. I think this makes for an excellent opportunity to continue the purpose of this blog: Shedding Light on the Wonders of Words. Although I may still be in a dark tunnel as far as Khmer is concerned, progress is evident! Now, without any more waiting, here is our word of the week:


I transliterate this Sou S’dai. You might have noticed that the word above is the same as the word at the top of this page. To that I say, nothing gets past you! Since this word is the first I read in Khmer, it seemed perfectly fitting for this circumstance. I also do not want to incorrectly put a word on here in script, and I do not know enough yet to write in script. It has only been two weeks, I have time!

The word Sou S’dai means “hi” and is a normal greeting if you’re walking through the market, seeing neighbors in the alley, or ordering at a restaurant. As we continue to learn, I am sure this word will lead to many conversations where I learn something new!

Keep Shining,



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