Word of the Week Wednesday 2/18/15

Welcome to a segment that I will have every week along with my other post, Word of the Week Wednesday! This segment will come out every week some time on Wednesday with a fun word (in any language) and a story to go with it!

This week’s word is: πάντα!

Now, for those of you who do not know Biblical Greek, those are Greek letters. Pronouncing with letters we know it sounds something like: P-ah-n-tah. Or Panta. This word is one of the many forms of the word “all” in Greek and has a few stories and a challenge with it for this week.

Story 1: I first discovered this word last fall when doing a Greek assignment. With my roommate Jenny sitting next to me, I said “Panta means all!” She looked at me quizzically. Our other roommate then texted that she would be bringing us ice cream. Jenny and I, ecstatic for the chance of a sugary, cold treat, yelled “PANTA THE ICE CREAM,” upon her arrival. That was met with a confused stare and a question, “did you just call me a ‘fount of’ the ice cream?” Needless to say, we had a good laugh about it.

Story 2: While deciding on my word of the week tonight, this story was told. Which was then followed by a round of re-writing “Come Thou Fount” into “Fount of Ice Cream” So, enjoy those lyrics below:

Come thou fount of every ice cream                                                                                 Chocolate and the strawberry                                                                                              Topped with sprinkles, and a cherry,                                                                              Don’t forget the whipping cream                                                                                      Bring a spoon and chocolate syrup                                                                                      to put into my tummy                                                                                                        Panta ice cream, so delicious                                                                                               Praise to God, I’m so happy.

Hopefully those two stories gave you a good laugh, but the best thing about this word is that it embodies the church season we are entering. Today being Ash Wednesday, it is the start of Lent, a time to sit and reflect. A time of silence and remembrance but also a time for community. No matter if you are giving something up or not, it is a time to encourage one another in our journeys. In Panta the places, with Panta the people, Panta the time.

Keep Shining,



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