Hola and Hello

Hello wonderful world,

My name is Ashley Rosa and I am in love with language. I love it for the way it is spoken, how it connects to culture and what it means for communication. In fact, this love is deep enough that I long to tell the world of my experiences. So, here I am.

A little background for my language ability:

English: Since I live in the United States, I have spoken it all of my life. Reading and writing in English as my first language was the catalyst that spurred me into action for learning more.

Spanish: My Spanish began at the age of 5 when I entered Kindergarten at my elementary school. Although my elementary years were spent learning merely colors or numbers, this early start was crucial to where I am now in my speaking ability. I have been blessed to have a wonderful family friend, Rebecca, who helped me in my elementary years, a grandmother who has lived in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, a school system that allowed me to take Spanish classes through my senior year of high school, and a college that values study abroad opportunities that I have taken advantage of.

Biblical Greek: Just this school year I have started to learn Biblical Greek in order to further my understanding of translation and be able to read the beauty of scripture in its original context.

Sign Language: Though I knew a fair amount as a young child with a club at school and a wonderful friend John who is deaf and taught me back then, I lost much of that with the passing of time. Now, I try to pick up more and more as I go, with influences and people that help me to practice and learn more.

Overall, this blog will focus on the ways that language amazes me during the week. I will surely post at least once a week, but perhaps the mood will strike me to do so more. There will also be a word of the week, which can come from any language and will be accompanied by a reason behind the word. I look forward to where this new adventure will take me and the things I can share with the world.

Keep Shining,



One thought on “Hola and Hello

  1. Bonnie Rosa-Mosena says:

    What a great start to your new blog. Loved how you gave your language history as it will help your readers to get a better feel for who you are as they read your missives.


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